Looking Forward

KCU student with faculty member in lab

More Opportunities for Success


The Center for Medical Education Innovation

This summer, KCU-Kansas City will take on a new look as construction officially begins on the new Center for Medical Education Innovation (CMEI). Thanks to the generosity of alumni, friends and grantors such as the J.E. and L.E Mabee Foundation, this successfully funded capital campaign project will bring increased opportunities for advanced medical education to KCU students. It will also serve as a community resource, providing new training facilities for KCU's partners in Kansas City's greater medical and scientific community.

Although funding for the CMEI is complete, your support for the Leading the Way Campaign is still needed to help KCU reach goals in three remaining areas: outreach, scholarship and faculty support, and research.


KCU is distinctive among osteopathic medical schools due to our unwavering commitment to community. Two KCU programs showcase our dedication to service and both directly benefit from your outreach support.


By working with local clinics at the medical mission sites, and through partnerships with organizations such as DO Care International, the global medical missions program delivers high-quality health care to patients in desperate need while placing KCU students in hands-on, clinical experience environments that accelerate their skills in patient care and often impact their entire outlook on being a care provider.

Your support for global medical missions helps to ensure the continued success of this program and directly allows KCU to: provide free diagnosis and medications to underserved communities worldwide; and offer comprehensive treatment for chronic, acute and, sometimes, emergency conditions through osteopathic medicine, For many, this is their first exposure to the osteopathic profession.


KCU’s pediatric outreach program, Score 1 for Health, provides free in-school health screenings, preventive health education, navigational support for parents/guardians to access health care services, and personal health and nutrition coaches for families with the greatest need in Kansas City’s urban core communities. Over the past five years, KCU faculty and medical students have provided nearly 65,000 assessments through this program.

Your support allows Score 1 to continue to: provide health assessments for nearly 13,000 Kansas City children annually–at 39 different elementary schools– which for many students, this is their only time in front of a physician that year, and for some it is their sole chance to have a medical condition diagnosed; and provide referral services through a trusted network of community health care partners for children who are identified during their screening as needing additional care from medical or social services.

Scholarship and Faculty Support

Since 1916, KCU has been steadfastly committed to the education and training of caring and compassionate health science leaders. Ensuring that all of KCU’s future physicians, scientists and other health science professionals receive the very best education requires the University to continue to invest in our academic programs while simultaneously striving to make the cost of education more affordable by:


Your support will help KCU’s students pursue their interest in the health sciences with less financial stress. Scholarships also allow us to continue to attract the most promising students to our programs.


KCU provides outstanding students with the option to apply for fellowships in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) and Anatomy. Fellows are able to gain advanced skills in their fellowship subject area through these specialized educational opportunities.


Creating endowed chairs in Primary Care, OMM and Rural Health will strengthen our ability to attract and retain faculty who will impart knowledge, build competencies and model the holistic, compassionate care that we want our graduates to provide.


From bench to bedside, enhancing KCU’s research opportunities allows you to directly benefit both our students’ educations and contribute to medical and scientific discoveries that will make a difference for future patients. KCU’s laboratories currently support research in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular disease. Recently, KCU established unprecedented partnerships with area biomedical partners to advance our work and position the University as a magnet for students pursuing degrees in both medicine and various scientific fields. Your support for research will help by:


Your support is needed to: help maximize KCU's research growth potential by improving and maintaining the proper equipment and facilities necessary for strengthening our understanding of disease processes; and help provide the tools needed to develop important new therapies that will ultimately improve patient outcomes.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Leading the Way campaign, please contact the KCU Office of Advancement at: alumni@kcumb.edu or 800-234-4847 ext. 7280.