Why Work at KCUMB

  • Thank you for your interest in a career at KCUMB! Our mission speaks of who we are as a community and what we believe, and is founded in our core values: integrity, compassion, excellence, collaboration, intellectual curiosity, innovation and heritage.Why Work at KCUMB  

    We are known for innovation and excellence in education, as well as a faculty and staff who are exemplary in teaching, research and service.

    Social responsibility and community involvement are an integral part of KCUMB’s mission: caring for our community, caring for our constituents and caring for each other.

    Competitive Benefits

    Find out more about the competitive benefits that we provide for KCUMB employees.

    Commitment to our Community

    Service is a way of life for students and employees at KCUMB. Throughout the year, the University offers its employees several fun and interesting opportunities to spend time away from the office, volunteering to help local organizations.  Learn more about KCUMB's outreach initiatives.

    Development and Training

    Driven by our core values, we continually look for ways we can foster growth within ourselves and those around us through development and training opportunities.

    Faculty Development
    To support University faculty, KCUMB provides professional development programs targeted to faculty at all levels. This facilitates improvement in their educational, research, communication and professional academic skills.

    Research & Development
    At KCUMB, we continue to nurture our research program in search of new discoveries while enhancing our educational offerings and faculty development. Our faculty researchers concentrate their efforts at the Dybedal Center for Research, our state-of-the-art basic science and clinical research facility.

    Continuing Medical Education
    The Department of Continuing Medical Education provides learning opportunities that facilitate physicians' efforts to maintain professional performance and acquire new knowledge to improve health care outcomes. As a faculty member at KCUMB, you receive a significant discount on all CME courses offered through KCUMB.

    Employee Leadership Education and Development
    KCUMB employees are the University’s most valuable assets. By developing potential through coaching, education, leadership opportunities and lunch-and-learn informational sessions, we assist employees in achieving career and individual goals.

    LearnIT Technical Training Sessions
    The KCUMB Information Technology department offers LearnIT technical training sessions to help employees learn new skills and techniques for software applications and operating systems they use everyday, such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), the University's email system and more. LearnIT Express sessions are also offered to target learning in a 20-30 minute format, making it easier for employees to fit training into their daily routine.