• KCU Celebrates New Academic Center

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. (August 2, 2014) – The Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCU), the largest medical school in Missouri and one of the oldest osteopathic medical schools in the country, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to unveil its new Student Academic Center.

    Academic Center Ribbon Cutting

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    After a year of renovation work, the transformed building, formerly known as Weaver Auditorium, was officially dedicated as a state-of-the-art academic center - “repurposed” in terms of function as well as building materials and construction waste.

    The original structure was a single auditorium with 1600 seats, utilized for the University’s signature events, such as graduation. The Center now houses two state-of-the-art lecture halls with a seating capacity greater than 700 and small-group study and meeting rooms. It will be in use daily for classes, large and small.

    The renovation process repurposed 93% of the original structure’s materials to ensure minimal amounts of waste sent to landfills. Helix Architecture and Design, along with general contractor McCown Gordon, accomplished goals to maximize sustainability by sending original auditorium seats to other academic institutions, recycling wood for use throughout the building, and donating reusable building materials for repurposing throughout the project.

    Marc B. Hahn, DO, president and chief executive officer for KCU, presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

    “This new academic center is the first of several initiatives to improve the KCU campus and realize the University’s vision to be the most student-focused medical school in the nation,” Dr. Hahn said. “It’s one of many steps we are taking to improve our campus, provide our students with the best training facilities, and make a visible and significant commitment to our Northeast Neighborhood.”

    Marshall Walker, DO, chair of the Board of Trustees and graduate of KCU, assisted with the dedication.

    “When I became chairman of the Board, Weaver Auditorium was a beautiful building but was used eight to ten times per year,” Dr. Walker said. “Over the year I’ve been pleased to see this splendid structure transform into a center that our students will use on a daily basis, helping them become the best doctors they can be.”

    The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a fitting end to a busy week for the incoming class of 275 osteopathic medical students. The celebration was held with more than 1,000 people on campus for an open house that followed the KCU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s White Coating Ceremony, an annual tradition of presenting the future doctors with their first white physician’s coats.

    About KCUMB
    The Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, founded in 1916, is a fully accredited, private university, with a College of Biosciences and a College of Osteopathic Medicine. The College of Osteopathic Medicine is the oldest medical school in Kansas City, Mo., and the largest in state of Missouri and its eight contiguous states. It is the second-largest producer of physicians for both Missouri and Kansas, with nearly 70 percent practicing in a primary care specialty.

    Posted: 08/02/2014