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  • KCU Magazine, formerly the KCU Communicator, is an award-winning publication that is published three times a year to bring you in-depth stories on topics of interest in your profession, plus interesting alumni news, campus developments and updates on KCU's research, community involvement and education.

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    KCU Magazine - Winter 2015Issue: Spring 2015 | Read the issue (mobile/tablet-friendly PDF) 
    Features included in this issue:
    All His Eyes Have Seen - KCU alum Andrew Dennis, DO (COM '97), does his part to heal those injured by violence in Chicago.
    KCU Reveals a Fresh, New Look - Officials unveil a new brand identity designed to better represent the institution and build excitement for the University's next century.
    The Quiet (and Dazzling) Life of 'The World's Fastest Physician' - Known nationally for his exploits as a former NASCAR driver, Don Tarr, DO (COM '97) is building a different sort of legacy in Mountain City, Tenn.
    Land of Opportunity - First-year student Svetlana Kovaleva finds the path from Siberia to America has great challenges and great rewards.

    KCU Magazine - Summer 2014Issue: Summer 2014 | Read the issue (mobile/tablet-friendly PDF) 
    Features included in this issue:
    When Abuse Stops, Childhood Starts - KCU alum Ken McCann, DO (COM '04) has made it his mission to help victims of child abuse.
    A Perplexing Predicament - With no simple solution for the looming shortage of primary care physicians in the United States, what led to the current situation and what are some of the options?
    Tackling Obesity - Laura Voss, DO (COM '97), uses a common-sense approach and her own personal struggles to inspire her patients to lose weight.
    'Wartime' at Fort Hood - Joe Jeanette, DO (COM '02), shares his experiences and thoughts after treating victims of the most deadly shooting at a U.S. military base in history.


    KCU Magazine - Winter 2013Issue: Winter 2013 | Read the issue (mobile/tablet-friendly PDF) 
    Features included in this issue:
    A Vision for the Future - KCU announces a five-year, $60 million plan designed to create a state-of-the-art learning environment for future students. 
    True Texas Grit - A KCU alum demonstrates courage, professionalism while working to save lives the night of a devastating fertilizer plan explosion is West, Texas.
    Student, Family Succeed Together - Medical school is difficult. Having nine children is no cake walk either, as one KCU student has come to appreciate.
    Kingdom of Judah - A class of 2013 graduate channels grief, vision, into inspiration for becoming a physician.


    KCU Magazine - Spring 2013Issue: Spring 2013 | Read the issue (mobile/tablet-friendly PDF)
    Features included in this issue:
    Organ Donation in America - As the number of Americans who need organ transplants continue to outpace available organs, should direct compensation be considered? What are the ethical considerations?
    Breaking the Mold - A conversation with his daughter inspires Charles Graham to give up driving a truck so that he can pursue his dream of becoming a physician.
    Making the Transition - Learn how KCU alumni and others are working to ease patients' fears by making the process of dying a natural part of living.


    KCU Magazine - Winter 2012
    Winter 2012 | Read the issue (mobile/tablet-friendly PDF)
    Features included in this issue:
    In the Eye of the Beholder - With 9.2 million people undergoing cosmetic procedures in 2011, it's no surprise that KCU alumni sometimes go to great lengths to help patients in their quests for beauty.
    At the Heart of it All - KCU alum Terry Gordon, DO (COM '80) is hard at work behind the scenes trying to get AEDs in all U.S. schools.
    Rising Up - Once Kameelah Rahmaan dedicated herself to her education, she found no limit to how far she would go to reach her goal of becoming a physician.

    KCU Magazine - Summer 2012Issue: Summer 2012 | Read the issue (mobile/tablet-friendly PDF)
    Features included in this issue:
    A Roadmap for the Future - KCU officials use the University's mission, vision and values as a roadmap during the development phase of a five-year Strategic Plan.
    An Everlasting Gift - KCU's Gift Body Program plays an integral role in the education of future osteopathic physicians.
    From Dawn to Dusk - A Day in Pictures
    Medical Mistakes: Making Things Right When They Go Wrong - Statistics show medical errors are a staggering problem in the United States. What happens when things go wrong?


    KCU Magazine - Spring 2012Issue: Spring 2012 | Read the issue (mobile/tablet-friendly PDF)
    Features included in this issue:
    In the Blink of an Eye: Brain Injury Motivates Alum to Help Others - After suffering a traumatic injury in a collision with a drunk driver, Thomas Seastrunk , DO (COM '97), becomes an advocate for patients.
    Expanding their Horizons - Bioethics, biomedical sciences programs create new opportunities.
    Rising from the Rubble - When tornadoes destroyed his two Alabama clinics on the same day, Stanley Keith Morrow, DO (COM '85), remained focused on caring for his patients.
    Making a World of Difference - Dozens of KCU students, faculty and alumni team up with DOCARE International to diagnose and treat more than 3,100 patients in Guatemala. 



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