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    Creating a Social Media Account or Page

    KCU recognizes that personal social media pages or accounts are created and managed by employees and students. The University is not responsible for the content on these accounts although they are encouraged to adhere to the content guidelines below. Social media accounts that are not officially recognized by the University, but bear the University name and are created on behalf of KCU student organizations, University departments, faculty, employees or students will be sent a written request to include the following disclaimer: This account is not officially recognized or endorsed by Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

    If you are a KCU student or employee, and you would like to open an KCU-endorsed social media account or page, please contact Liz Marsh, web editor, at

    Content guidelines

    These guidelines apply to officially endorsed KCU social media accounts. 

    Be respectful
    Users may discuss topics and disagree with another, but please be respectful of others’ opinions. Offensive, obscene or sexually explicit language or photos will be removed immediately. Sexist, racist, discriminatory or threatening comments or images will be removed immediately.

    Use good judgement
    For your own safety, do not post personal contact information, such as home phone numbers, mailing addresses, personal email addresses, etc. Do not post confidential information about the University, its staff or its students. Posts that violate intellectual property rights or privacy laws will be removed. Do not knowingly provide misleading or false information. Do not speculate or answer questions about the current status of the University beyond your scope of expertise. When using or posting online material that includes direct or paraphrased quotes, thoughts, ideas, photos or videos, always include citations. Provide a link to the original material if possible.

    Stay on topic
    Open discussion is encouraged, however try to ensure that you add value as a member with posts that are interesting, timely and topical to those in your community.