Associate Members

  • Health-care institutions, hospitals or other clinical facilities ineligible to apply as participating members are invited to apply to become associate members.

    Associate members are expected to represent their hospital/institution by participating on the Board of Directors, the Academic Steering Committee and various other committees. Associate members and their faculty, interns and residents have access to a range of services available on the KCU campus. These services include the use of the anatomy laboratory, the library resources, faculty expertise and educational programming to improve the total educational effort. Additionally, community faculty at associate member sites are eligible for faculty rank and promotion at KCU-COM.

    Conditions of membership for associate member in the Consortium are:

    • Status as a health care institution, hospital or other clinical facility recognized as providing an integral or tangential component to the teaching, education, environment, support or placement of interns and residents in the Consortium,
    • Implementation of general OPTI standards, policies and procedures in applicable situations
    • Acknowledgement of OPTI requirements by reviewing and accepting the Consortium’s annual report for submission to the AOA’s Executive Committee on Post-doctoral Training
    • Recognition of the concept of equivalency of AOA specialty certification to certification by the American Board of Medical Specialties, 
    • Notification to the Consortium of any subsequent or substantive program, personnel or institutional change(s) which could have impact on Consortium constituents,
    • Annual review by the Board of Directors for continued membership in the Consortium. The Consortium reserves the right to establish additional conditions as determined necessary by the Board of Directors.