Strategic Leadership Teams

  • KCU Strategic Leadership Teams help to develop the roadmap to meeting KCU's strategic goals and determining the University's path toward future success.

    Strategic Leadership TeamsThere are five Strategic Leadership Teams representing each of the University's strategic goals. Each team consists of 10 members, made up of a diverse group of administrators, faculty and staff from all areas of the organization.

    A few teams also include student and community members.

    Each team represents one of KCU's five strategic goals:

    • Enhance Student Success (Student Success Team)
    • Enhance Research Activity (Research Team)
    • Promote and Increase Internal and External Service (Service Team)
    • Promote Sustainability Across the Institution (Sustainability Team)
    • Enhance Institutional Diversity (Diversity Team)

    The teams will work to develop clear expectations for each goal, identify specific initiatives to support that goal, and recommend specific metrics to demonstrate success. These metrics will be in addition to the basic metrics established by the administration or the Board of Trustees.

    It is our expectation that we will achieve our strategic goals by pursuing our shared vision:

    • We become the most student-focused medical university in the nation.
    • We build the best University team in the profession
    • We create the greatest workplace in the Midwest.