Student Profile

  • Graduating Class of 2014
    Master of Arts in Bioethics and Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

    Students: 39
    Male: 24
    Female: 15
    Under-Represented Minority 2%
    Average Age: 23.8
    Average Science GPA: 3.36
    Average Overall GPA: 3.47
    Average MCAT: 24.8
    States Represented: 11
    Top States Represented: Kansas
    Schools Represented: 21
    Top Schools Represented:
    Kansas State University
    University of Kansas
    University of Missouri
    Truman State University

    Student Testimonials (Bioethics Program)

    What our students are saying:

     “Having taken this class, I understand better why I wanted to become a physician and who I really am – in other words, how I feel about people who suffer deeply in life. It was a valuable experience and I am glad that I had this opportunity. I thank all of the faculty who presented.”

    “This elective caused me to reflect on the most important issue of medicine. I feel that these lecture series will enable me to go down the path of becoming a healer. Thank you for being genuine about your passion.”

    “There is no doubt in my mind that I will become a better physician due to the impact of this class. Thank you.”

    “No one should finish their med school career without exploring these topics.”

    “I can’t even begin to describe how valuable I think this elective was to me. It truly made me reflect on why I am here, the kind of doctor I envision myself becoming and the overall person I feel I am. I found this very valuable and think it will absolutely make me a better physician as a result.”

    “I like that we were encouraged to express ourselves however we could – even in art and poetry. Keep challenging students to think outside the box of clinical medicine.”