Notable DOs

    Did you know? Osteopathic physicians (DOs) have treated U.S. presidents and Olympic athletes, contributed to the fight against AIDS and the civil rights movement, and often serve on national health-care panels. Here are just a few noteworthy and famous KCU alumni:

    Noteworthy KCU Alumni

    • Joel Weisman, DO (COM ’70), noticed a pattern of illnesses in 1980, while working as a general practitioner in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Dr. Weisman treated three very sick patients, all homosexual men, with the same array of symptoms that seemed to relate to their immune systems. He referred two of the patients to a colleague at UCLA, eventually earning credit as one of the first physicians to discover AIDS.
    • Harry J. Walter, DO (COM ’65), was commissioned into the U.S. Air Force on July 14, 1966, becoming the first DO in the military. Prior to his commissioning, the Medical Corps of the U.S. military had refused to commission osteopathic physicians into its ranks for more than six decades. Dr. Walter opened the door for thousands of osteopathic physicians to serve their country over the years since.
    • Earl Haas, DO (COM ’18), inventor of tampons, who later sold his trademark design to the founder of Tampax
    • Leonard Calabrese, DO (COM ’75), is credited with being one of the early pioneers of HIV research. Currently a physician at the famed Cleveland Clinic, he received a $3 million grant in 2010 to continue his research.
    • Ret. Col. Daniel K. Berry, DO (COM ’84), PhD, and his team developed the Remote Casualty Location and Assessment Device (RCLAD), which was used in attempts to locate victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He also invented the Patient Support Pallet (PSP), which is used to transport wounded soldiers, including Pvt. Jessica Lynch, who was held captive in 2003 as a prisoner of war in Iraq.
    • Kimberly A. Parks, DO (COM ’01), a heart transplant cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, was prominently featured in the 2010 ABC documentary "Boston Med."
    • Reef Karim, DO (COM ’96), has served as a medical expert for many movies and TV shows, such as "The Bourne Identity," "Lords of Dogtown," "Alias," "Private Practice," and "Pasadena." He is also a medical expert for "The Today Show," "Larry King Live," CNN and NBC, and appeared on "Oprah." He is the founder and director of the Beverly Hills Center for Self Control and Lifestyle Addictions.
  • Other Famous DOs

    • Samuel Sheppard, DO, whose experiences formed the basis for the TV series and movie “The Fugitive.”
    • Forrest “Phog” Allen, DO, served as basketball coach for the Kansas Jayhawks for 39 years. The team’s arena, Phog Allen Fieldhouse, bears his name.
    • W. Kenneth Riland, DO, served as personal physician for former President Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller.
    • Enrico Fazzini, DO, is a famous neurologist and Parkinson’s disease expert, whose famous patients have included Pope John Paul II, Michael J. Fox, Mohammed Ali and Janet Reno.
    • William Anderson, DO, is a civil rights leader who worked closely with Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Ronald Blanck, DO, served as surgeon general of the U.S. Army from 1996 to 2000.
    • John Fong, DO, served as medical consultant to the long-running TV series “ER.”
    • Will Kirby, DO, a dermatologist, won the second season of TV’s “Big Brother” on CBS and is a frequent guest on “The Doctors.”