Clinical Clerkships

  • KCU is committed to educating the best and brightest physicians. Each clinical clerkship allows students to put their knowledge to work with real patients, further preparing them for passing national boards and ultimately the practice of medicine.  

    ClerkshipsThe Office of Community Clinical Education conducts the third-year core site match, whereby each student is assigned to an affiliated core training site.

    Our goal is to support students, preceptors and sites in any reasonable way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns at

    Program Description

    During the third and fourth years at KCU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, clinical clerkships reinforce and expand upon the training of the first two years. KCU-COM students must complete 20 clinical clerkships.

    Core Clerkship Sites

    Our osteopathic medical students have the unique opportunity to develop their clinical skills by completing core clinical clerkships in a variety of specialties at designated hospitals, physicians’ offices and clinics in Missouri, Kansas and across the nation.

    Site Match Process & Timeline

    Students are matched to an affiliated core training site to complete third-year curricular requirements. The student remains at the site for the duration of the third year and many will choose to stay at their site to complete fourth-year requirements.

    Helpful Resources

    Access clerkship manuals, affiliated sites and additional online resources.