Research Electives (Years 3 & 4)

  • KCUMB's Office of Community Clinical Education administers all student clinical training programs offered through the KCUMB curriculum.

    In these elective clerkship experiences, students focus on the development and execution of a guided research project or participate with an existing study. Emphasis is placed on the integration of research into medical practice to prepare for more advanced study in the discipline. These clerkships take place in a wide variety of clinical, hospital or laboratory settings. All elective research clerkships are awarded five semester credits and graded S/U.

    • ANAT 499 Anatomy Research (E)
    • ANES 499 Anesthesiology Research (E)
    • BCHE 499 Biochemistry Research (E)
    • EMED 499 Emergency Medicine Research (E)
    • FMED 499 Family Medicine Research (E)
    • IMED 499 Internal Medicine Research (E)
    • MBIO 499 Microbiology Research (E)
    • OBGY 499 OB/GYN Research (E)
    • OMM 499 OMM Research (E)
    • PATH 499 Pathology Research (E)
    • PEDS 499 Pediatric Research (E)
    • PHAR 499 Pharmacology Research (E)
    • PHYS 499 Physiology Research (E)
    • PMED 499 Research in Preventive Medicine/Public Health (E)
    • PSYC 499 Psychiatry Research (E)
    • RADI 499 Radiology Research (E)
    • SURG 499 Surgery Research (E)