Clinical Anatomy

  • ANAT 399 - Fellowship in Clinical Anatomy

    The Department of Anatomy selects three post-second- or post-third-year medical students for 11-month fellowships in Anatomy.

    The fellowships usually run from the last week of July to the end of June. Fellows are selected by the anatomy faculty and are supervised by Robert E. Stephens, PhD, professor and chair of anatomy. Selection criteria are: overall performance in human anatomy; academic standing; participation as an anatomy teaching assistant or have been active as an anatomy tutor; interest in research and teaching; and letters of recommendation.

    Applicants must submit curriculum vitae, a brief statement expressing his/her reason for participating in the fellowship and possible research interests, and two letters of support from KCU students and/or faculty members, who have worked with him/her on an anatomy dissection team or were tutored by the applicant.

    The successful candidate must have effective communication, dissection and teaching skills in human anatomy and the desire to work on a proactive, progressive medical educational team.

    Fellowship responsibilities include teaching in all gross anatomy and neuroanatomy labs; preparing second-year teaching assistants to teach in gross anatomy labs; management of the operations for the Conte Anatomy Lab, and other duties as assigned by the Chair. Fellows may be invited to present a basic science lecture or lab orientation in the COM and/or COB.

    Fellows are also expected to complete a research project in collaboration with an anatomy faculty mentor and submit it for professional publication and/or presentation.

    Each anatomy fellow will receive a stipend for the year and a one-year tuition waiver for COM for the year following the fellowship year at KCU. During the fellowship year, the student will continue to be recognized as a student at KCU. Graded S/U.

    Deadline for applications is usually the end of March. For more information, contact Robert E. Stephens, PhD, professor and chair of anatomy.