Guiding Principles

  • Guiding Principles for the Medical Education Program Leading to the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree

    Principle 1:
    The curriculum contains the educational experiences to provide a professional education in osteopathic medicine.
    Principle 2:
    The curriculum is competency-based.

    Principle 3:
    Professionalism and professional ethics are emphasized throughout curriculum continuum.

    Principle 4:
    The curriculum is contemporary and evidence-based, and provides a flexible and clinically relevant experience that is continually assessed, reviewed and modified.

    Principle 5:
    The curriculum fosters independent learning, the development of self-directed learning habits, and the demonstration of evidence-based medicine.

    Principle 6:
    The curriculum emphasizes disease prevention and health promotion practices that affect the health and well-being of students, physicians, patients, and communities.

    Principle 7:
    The curriculum promotes understanding of the influences of family, culture, community, and societal and bioethical elements on health and health care delivery.

    Principle 8:
    The curriculum is delivered in an environment that encourages positive interactions among faculty and students, and values student satisfaction with their learning experiences.