Professional Enrichment

  • PEP LogoMedical students engage in a Professional Enrichment Program (PEP) after each two sections in the curriculum during the first two years. This one- to two-week program embraces three components that are essential to the training and development of future physicians: service learning, community service, and independent learning.

    Students participate in a variety of clinical experiences and service projects along with independent learning opportunities selected by students to enhance previously studied material or areas representing a new interest. During PEP, students are also exposed to current topics important in medical practice and patient care.

    Year I

    PEP I (One Week)
    Follows Musculoskeletal section
    PEP I is focused upon enhancing learning skills and providing opportunities to experience ways to minimize stress during the rigors of medical education. Students engage in service learning through Score 1 for Health and other activities. Core topics are introduced through lectures and electives, providing students with an introduction to material important for practice and life-long learning.

    PEP II (One Week)
    Follows Cardiopulmonary II section
    PEP II provides students with the first opportunity to begin organizing a curriculum vita that will be an integral part of professional development and presentation. Community service and learning opportunities, including early clinical experiences, will be available, and students may select electives to enrich their learning experience. Career choices will be explored and core topics will continue.

    Year II

    PEP III (Two Weeks)
    Follows Neuroscience II section
    Three PEP periods are provided for students during the second year, as it is an intense year of academic undertaking. During PEP III, students have a greater opportunity to engage in electives and career development activities to help develop interests prior to clinical clerkship training. Longitudinal core topics continue as well as newer topics that are more closely aligned with medical practice.

    PEP IV (Two Weeks)
    Follows Endocrine section during
    PEP IV, students may engage in service learning, community service, and electives while also attending classes addressing core topics for medical practice.

    PEP V (Two Weeks)
    Follows Reproduction and Development section
    PEP V provides opportunities for electives, service learning, and community service. An important aspect of PEP V is a review of formative evaluations during preclinical training and enhancing skills required for assessments at the end of year two. 

    Year III

    PEP Clinical (Two Weeks)
    Summer Semester
    PEP-Clinical is devoted to special topics required for beginning third-year clinical clerkship experiences. Among these are ACLS certification, CSA examination, review of licensing requirements, and OSHA and HIPAA training.