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    First Floor Facilities and Amenities
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    The D'Angelo Library is available to faculty, students and staff of KCUMB, and also provides community outreach and interlibrary loan services. Library staff assist with information and reference services including computer literature searching, interlibrary loan, orientation, medical informatics classes teaching the use of digital resources, class reserve materials, as well as bibliographic and media services.

    The Library is approximately 20,000 square feet and has multiple study/reading areas, five study rooms with multi-media facilities, book and periodical stacks, a special collections room, computers, wireless access, GoPrint Pay/Release Stations, lounge and lobby areas, an instruction/computer room, a conference room and office space for Library staff.

    The Library has a large collection of books, periodical and serial titles, electronic and digital titles covering the basic medical sciences, biosciences, clinical sciences, allied health and related fields. This includes a reference collection consisting of handbooks, directories, dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, abstracts, bibliographical works, classical works and statistical sources. The Library maintains a Special Collections room containing historical osteopathic materials and a Historical Medical Reference Collection. The Historical Medical Reference Collection is a collection of reference materials classed as "historic", covering a multitude of medical subjects, dating from ancient Egyptian to 19th century classics.

    Information Commons Area
    The Information Commons area in the Library maintains equipment and materials to support continuing medical education with a collection of numerous titles in a variety of formats. Computers with software to supplement class instruction, printers and a slide projector (upon request) to support educational programs are provided. Wireless access, as well as plug-in access, is available throughout the Library. The GoPrint Pay/Release Stations are for student printing. A photocopy machine is available for use at 5 cents per page. A color copier is available at 50 cents per page. A scanner and a fax machine are available for students along with two OMT tables and two life-size human skeletons.

    Study Rooms
    There are three study rooms on the first floor and two study rooms on the second floor. Each room is equipped with hi definition television/Blu-Ray combinations and white boards, and can be checked out on a daily basis. One of the study rooms on the second floor contains an OMT table and map of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

    First Floor Facilities and Amenities

    The first floor of the D'Angelo Library includes:

    Lobby Area (assorted newspapers)

    • KCUMB Publications
    • Conference Room
    • Study Rooms
    • Study/Instruction Room
    • Special Collections Room
      • Historical Osteopathic Materials
      • Historical Medical Reference Collection
      • Yearbooks
      • Photocopy Machine with scanning capabilities
    • Color Printer
    • GoPrint Pay/Release Stations & Revalue Station
    • Fax Machine
    • Scanner
    • Access Services Desk
      • CD/DVDs, Audio Cassette and Audio Book Collections
      • Reserve Collection
    • Office of the Director of the Library
    • Office of the Cataloger/Serials Librarian
    • Interlibrary Loan Service
    • Model Collection
    • Study Carrels, Tables, Tablet Chairs
    • Data and Power Outlets
    • Wireless Access
    • Fiction Collection (donated and shared by students)

    Second Floor Facilities and Amenities

    The second floor of the D'Angelo Library includes:

    • Clinical Science Book Collection
    • Basic Science Book Collection
    • Reference Collection
    • Current Periodicals Collection (2004 to current)
    • Study Rooms
    • Lounge Area
    • Office of the Digital Services/Reference Librarian
    • Data and Power Outlets
    • Wireless Access
    • Study Carrels, Tables, Tablet Chairs
    • GoPrint Pay/Release Stations and Revalue Station

    The second floor is designated as the "quiet study area". This area is for individual study, and conversation is not encouraged. The older Periodicals Collection (anything earlier than 2004) is housed in the lower level of the Library and access is restricted to Library personnel. Journals can be requested and picked up at the Access Services Desk.