Classes and Tutorials

  • The D'Angelo Library offers a wide variety of classes designed to assist users in developing skills in Library research, information management, and specific resources available in the Library.

    Classes include:

    • Library Medical Informatics (MSI) – This class is designed as a general information class for first-year student introduction to the Library.
    • Database Refresher Class (MSII) – The Database Refresher Class is required for students prior to beginning their first clinical clerkship year.
    • Bioethics Introduction to Library Resources 
    • College of Biosciences Introduction to Library Resources and Research 
    • Anatomy Fellows Research Class 
    • OMT Fellows Research Specific Class
    • New Faculty Orientation to Library Resources
    • Introduction to PubMed 
    • Introduction to Research
    • What’s New in Library Resources
    • Ovid and PubMed Tips for Research
    • Where to Publish My Article? Impact Factors and How to Find Them
    • Medical Statistics Resources
    • Utilizing Library Resources (class designed for faculty/ staff)
    • E-Portfolios in Medical Education (class for faculty/staff)
    • Database Specific Class

    These classes are open to KCU students, faculty and staff. Individual sessions can be scheduled by contacting the Circulation Desk at 816-654-7260 or the Digital Services/Reference Librarian at 816-654-7264.

    Database Refresher Class – The Database Refresher Class is recommended for students prior to beginning their first clinical clerkship year.

    General Tutorials:

    Several tutorials are available and provide quick assistance to some of our databases. Contact the Library for more specialized class sessions.

    Access Medicine - This is a PowerPoint guide to using Access Medicine.

    Clinical Key - ClinicalKey is the world’s first “clinical insight engine.”  More than a traditional search engine, ClinicalKey is built from the ground up on Smart Content tagged from Elsevier’s proprietary EMMeT taxonomy.

    Clinical Pharmacology - At the Clinical Pharmacology first page, click on the Tutorial/Help tab, and then click on the tutorial link.


    OVID Tutorial  

    PubMed Tutorial  

    Science Online - An eight-minute video that introduces users to Science content, shows how to browse articles and research the site, how to find daily Science news, and more.