Prerequisite Courses/Course Substitutions FAQs

What should I do if a grade changes or coursework is completed after I submit my AACOMAS application?

For any grade changes and updates contact AACOMAS for support. You can find support from AACOMAS here.

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Are there allowable course substitutions for Biochemistry and/or Genetics?

In some cases, substitutions may be made for the Biochemistry requirement. To request a substitution for undergraduate coursework, please forward one of the following to the KCU Admissions Office:

  1. A faculty letter detailing course content
  2. A copy of course description from the school catalog
  3. A copy of the actual course syllabus

The method providing the most detail will produce the most accurate assessment. For biochemistry, the information should indicate the applicant has studied intermediary metabolism or specifically lipid metabolism.

Applicants will be notified of decisions upon review of course content.

Note: If a request to substitute a course is granted, the substituted course will not be counted toward the fulfillment of any other prerequisite.

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I have prerequisite course work in progress. Will my file be reviewed prior to the completion of the course work?

Yes, provided you have listed the course work as "not yet taken" (NY) on your AACOMAS application. Please make sure to list all course work you are planning to take on your AACOMAS application. All other required materials must be received in order for the application to be considered complete. Click here to learn more about the application process.

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