Financial Aid FAQs

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    How can I access my financial aid information?
    Students can access data about their financial aid on Net Partner, KCU's Online Financial Aid site, at

    Loan Disbursements

    How will I know when I will receive my disbursements?
    Students will receive an email from the Department of Education detailing expected loan dates. When the loan is disbursed to their account, they will receive an email from Financial Aid telling them how much has been disbursed to their account. Refunds, if applicable, are then given to the student within 14 calendar days. The expected dates can change if a student does not complete the required course work by that time but generally they are accurate.

    When will I receive my disbursement?
    A disbursement cannot be requested from Direct Loan until the student has attended a class. In order for a student to receive a second disbursement, they must successfully complete the first semester and attend the first day of the first class of the second semester (first- and second-year students) or successfully complete one-half of the required clerkships (third- and fourth-year students). For biomedical science students, the mid-point of the academic year is the scheduled second disbursement date which usually falls two weeks after the second semester begins.

    Why can’t I receive my disbursement on the day it is received by the school?
    There is processing time required for the funds to be applied to each student’s account by the Business Office; it is then sent to the Accounting Office who verifies the amounts and prepares the refunds for the students. Federal regulation allows up to 14 business days for this process to be completed and the refund released to the student.

    Will I receive my refund quicker if I have direct deposit?
    No. The processing of student loan funds received by the school is the same for both check and direct deposit. Once the refund amount has been verified by the Accounting Office, either a check is prepared or the direct deposit request is sent to KCU’s bank for processing. The bank requires three days to process with the funds usually arriving in the student’s bank account on the third day. Direct deposit is more convenient because the student is not required to deposit the check in their bank and then possibly have a hold placed on a portion of the funds while their bank verifies that the check is valid.

    How do I sign up for direct deposit?
    Request a direct deposit form from the Business Office. Complete the form and submit it with a voided check to the Business Office.

    How do I know my refund check will be sent to my correct address?
    When a refund check is mailed to a student, it is sent to the address the student has reported to the Registrar’s Office as "preferred". Address changes can be made by logging in to PowerCampus Self-Service. It is to the student’s advantage to ensure that their address is accurate in the Registrar’s office. A student refund check is mailed to students who do not use direct deposit.

    I received the refund from my disbursement but I do not need the entire amount. What do I need to do to return a portion of it?
    Contact Jerry Belcher, Asst Financial Aid Director, who will provide instruction based upon the student’s specific situation.

    Financial Aid Eligibility

    How can I get more money if I run out before my next disbursement?
    There is an emergency loan available to students who can apply for up to $1,000. A $30 loan fee is charged. The repayment is expected within 90 days. An application form is available in the Financial Aid Office that must be completed and submitted to Financial Aid by Tuesday afternoon. The forms are submitted to the Finance Office on Wednesday morning. Once the promissory note is signed, the funds are direct deposited to the student's bank account.

    How can I receive more financial aid funds?
    That depends on the individual student’s situation; the student would need to discuss it with a financial aid administrator. The allowable adjustments to the student budget can be found our website at the following link:

    General Financial Aid Questions

    Should I receive a 1098T for the tuition amount? Why is it not for the full amount of tuition?
    Students will receive the IRS 1098T in late January from the Finance Office. The amount reported is for the calendar year, not the academic year. Students who graduated the previous year may not receive a 1098T because their fourth-year tuition was charged in the previous calendar year and those charges were on the previous years 1098T. Contact the Finance Office for questions regarding the 1098T.

    When should I complete a new FAFSA for the upcoming academic year?
    A student can complete a FAFSA online from the website and clicking on FAFSA listed under Tools and Resources, beginning in January. Please be sure that you have filed you federal tax return first; FAFSA now retrieves federal tax information directly from the IRS. If you complete the FAFSA and indicate you will file, you will be required to correct your FAFSA once you file.

    Do I need to re-apply for financial aid each academic year?
    Yes. Continuing students will not need to complete a new Federal Direct Master Promissory Note. A GradPLUS Master Promissory Note will only need to be completed if the loan required a co-borrower.

    What is the FAFSA code for KCU? G02474

    What is the website for completion of Direct Loan promissory notes?

    Go to: This site is a student’s source for information from the U.S. Dept. of Education about how to manage their federal student loans. A federal PIN is needed ( In addition, a student can link to NSLDS, FAFSA, online Entrance or Exit counseling and federal loan repayment information.

    Why do I need to complete a FAFSA with federal tax information when the Subsidized Federal Direct loan is no longer available to Graduate/Professional students?
    There are still need-based programs available that require this information – Primary Care Loan, Federal Perkins and scholarships. KCU scholarships are based upon a student’s “need” as well as many outside scholarships. Completion of the FAFSA is required for all students in order to receive federal aid. It matches the student information to with the Social Security Administration, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, NSLDS, and Selective Service to determine if the student qualifies for federal aid.

    Does KCU offer any school-sponsored scholarships?
    Yes, there are scholarships for incoming College of Osteopathic Medicine students from the Admissions Office (see these scholarships), as well as scholarships for second-, third- and fourth-year medical students from endowment funds. Students will be notified when the application cycle for endowment scholarships begins. KCU scholarships, if awarded, are applied directly to the student’s tuition account.

    How do I defer my prior student loans?
    Complete a deferment form and submit it to Cheryl Williams in the Registrar's Office. You can get the form from the servicer of your loan, usually from their website.

    HPSP (Military Scholarships)

    I am an incoming student and have been accepted for a HPSP; do I pay the acceptance and matriculation fees or does the HPSP?
    The student pays the initial fees to KCU. Once the military has paid the full tuition and fees, the overpayment will be refunded to the student. 

    What documentation can I provide for proof of insurance payment?
    You can provide any of the following as proof of payment: 

    • Copy of credit card statement 
    • Copy of bank statement (for auto-pay) 
    • Copy of cancelled check 
    • Letter from your insurance company stating the payment amount received for the time indicated on your reimbursement 

    If you are claiming insurance for the first time, you will need to provide a copy of a letter or premium statement from your insurance company to document your portion of the health insurance cost and the effective date. You cannot be reimbursed for dental or vision insurance. 

    NOTE: You cannot be reimbursed for insurance premiums that have not been paid, check to make sure that all months claimed are accounted for in receipts. 

    Can I include Sales Tax on my claim?
    Yes, the Army form has a “Total Taxes for Item 13” line where you enter the total amount of sales tax. If you are submitting the Navy form, you will need to write in “Taxes” on one of the claim lines and enter the total amount of sales tax.

    Where do I get a required book list?
    The required book list is available from the KCU website: 

    Where can I find a claim form?

    • Navy – Print off the Deans Certificate and Standard Form 1164.
    • Army – Print off the Medcom Form 678-R.

    Why do I need to tape, not staple, my small receipts to a blank sheet of paper?
    This is to make the processing of your claims easier and quicker for the Registrar’s Office and the military. When mailing your claims to the military, having your small receipts taped to a sheet of paper ensures that they will not come off the paper and get separated from your claim form.