Budget Adjustments

  • Federal regulations allow schools on a case-by-case basis to adjust a student’s cost of attendance for certain circumstances. KCU can increase a student’s cost of attendance for other reasonable education-related expenses that exceed a student’s financial aid budget.

    KCU has a no cash policy. We must be able to substantiate your payments, expenses and possible loan increases for your file. Budget adjustments are a reimbursement process. Purchases should be made using a form of payment in your name, i.e., credit cards, checks or money orders.

    If the adjustment request is denied, the student has the right to appeal the decision in writing. The appeal will then be taken to the Student Financial Aid Advisory Committee. Their decision in this matter is final. The Director and Financial Aid Committee retains the discretion of professional judgement on a case-by-case basis.

    May 1 is the deadline for submission of these forms, and there could be an earlier date for graduating fourth-year students who may have an earlier last date of attendance.

    No adjustments will be considered after the loan period has expired for that academic year. An exception may be made for medical/dental expenses for which an insurance claim has not been paid. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the KCU Financial Aid Office, (816) 654-7175, or finaid@kcumb.edu.

    Budget Adjustment Categories

    Dependent Care

    If a student pays for a third party to watch their dependent, i.e., child, KCU can increase the student cost of attendance for this expense. The increased cost will not exceed a reasonable cost for dependent care in the community. Students must complete the 2015-2016 Dependent Care Budget Adjustment form and provide all required documentation that is specified on the form.

    Fall 2015 – Spring 2016, costs cannot exceed:    


    • $1,100 for children up to 1 year
    • $800 for children 1 year to kindergarten
    • $450 for children kindergarten to 12 years


    Medical/Dental Expenses 

    The student financial aid budget includes an allowance for medical/dental expenses and health insurance. It is KCU policy that all students provide proof of health insurance, and budget adjustments will be considered only for those students complying with that policy. Budget adjustments will not be made for the purchase of health insurance that costs more than is allowed in the budget. A budget adjustment can be made for medically necessary procedures and medically necessary prescriptions for the amount which exceeds the budget allowances. Students must provide written verification of health insurance coverage (this is part of the 2015-2016 Budget Adjustment Request form). If a student purchases dental insurance, they must provide proof of dental health insurance with effective dates covering the enrollment period. If the student does not have dental insurance, a budget adjustment will be made for the amount that exceeds the budget allowances for medical/dental expense.

    Computer Purchase/Electronic Purchase

    All KCU students are required to have either a laptop computer or tablet meeting KCU specifications. Only one increase is allowed per student’s academic program. The purchase can include the purchase of a CPU, monitor, printer and other reasonable hardware/software. Students are permitted to purchase the computer July 1 if starting in the fall. The maximum allowance is $1,500. Students will need to complete a 2015-2016 Budget Adjustment Request form.

    Car Repair

    While a student’s financial aid budget includes an allowance for maintenance of a vehicle, an adjustment can be made for car repairs that exceed the budgeted amount. Financial aid budgets cannot be increased for the purchase of a vehicle. Expenses above the budgeted amount are covered on one primary vehicle per year. Once a student has submitted receipts for a vehicle, that vehicle becomes “primary” in terms of consideration for budget appeals. The budget adjustment increase will represent the difference between the actual repairs and budget allowance. Receipts must be submitted for any repairs for which the budget adjustment is being requested. Receipts must be submitted prior to the release of any subsequent financial aid. Since the budget includes an allowance for comprehensive and collision car insurance, a 2015-2016 budget adjustment for an accident will cover a reasonable deductible of $500. If the student has not purchased comprehensive and collision car insurance, the KCU Student Financial Aid Office will not increase the budget to cover any expenses any expenses which would have been covered by insurance.

    Tuition Adjustments

    Students may receive a budget adjustment for tuition charges in excess of what is allowed in the Cost of Attendance. On the 2015-2016 Budget Adjustment form, this information should be included in the section called “other.” This is applicable to the MBA and bioethics dual-degree programs.

    Other Expenses

    Students having other extenuating circumstances should complete the appropriate section of the 2015-2016 Budget Adjustment Request Form and make an appointment to meet with a staff member in the KCU Financial Aid Office.

    Note: A student may appeal any denial of a request for a budget adjustment or extraordinary circumstances by submitting a written request for appeal to the Director of Financial Aid.