Budget Adjustments

  • Students may request a budget adjustment for reasons such as those listed below.

    Important: Documentation is required for all requests. Certain limitations and specifications may apply. Request forms are available in the Financial Aid office during normal business hours.

    Child Care

    Students with dependent children 12 years and under, who meet the qualification criteria, may receive half the actual cost of child care up to the maximum allowed. Private school tuition does not qualify as child care.

    Medical Expenses

    Extraordinary expenses (for the student only) not covered in the student budget for unreimbursed medical expenses for non-elective procedures incurred within the current academic year.

    Computer Purchase

    The maximum allowance is $1,000.

    Car Repair

    Adjustments can be made for car repairs that exceed the amount allowed in the student's living expense allowance.

    Note: A student may appeal any denial of a request for a budget adjustment or extraordinary circumstances by submitting a written request for appeal to the Director of Financial Aid.