Financial Aid Fraud

  • Misreporting/Misrepresentation/Fraud

    Any student found to have misreported information and/or altered documentation to increase his or her student aid eligibility or to fraudulently obtain federal funds may face any or all of the following disciplinary action(s):

    • Subject to the Student Conduct Guidelines.
    • As per federal regulation 668.14(g), referral to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Education, or, if more appropriate, to a state or local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction to investigate the matter.
    • Loss of participation in federal financial aid programs for:
      • the current academic year, or
      • the remaining years of enrollment

    Evidence of Misrepresentation

    In the event the Director of Financial Aid finds evidence of willful misrepresentation and/or fraud, the student will meet with the Director of Financial Aid and the Vice President for Academic and Medical Affairs/Dean. At that time, disciplinary action will be discussed with the student.