Paying for Graduate School

  • One of the first challenges to pursuing an advanced degree is securing funding. Most students finance their education with scholarships or student loans.  As a student, you are responsible for financing your education. You can learn about the scholarship and loan programs available to all KCU students on our website or by contacting the Office of Financial Aid at 877-425-0247 or

    Tuition & Fees

    Find out more about tuition, fees and supplemental expenses, including a budget worksheet that will help you plan for the future.


    Learn more about scholarship and federal funding opportunities, as well as details about applications for aid.

    Policies & Eligibility

    The University attempts to make adequate financial assistance available to all students within the limits of the student budget and the availability of loans and scholarships.

    Financial Aid FAQs

    Answers to your questions about loan disbursement, direct deposit, eligibility and more