Application Process

  • Complete the AACOMAS Application

    AACOMAS Application TimelineKCU's College of Osteopathic Medicine participates in a centralized application service, the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Applications Service (AACOMAS).

    This centralized application service offers prospective students the convenience of completing a single online application that is transmitted electronically to each of the osteopathic medical schools designated by the applicant. AACOMAS facilitates the collection and verification of applicant information, computes grades and transmits standardized information, but it does not evaluate, select or reject applicants. That responsibility resides with each college.


    Qualified Applicants Accept Secondary Application Invitation

    Once KCU receives your completed AACOMAS application (including MCAT scores), your file will undergo an initial screening. Applicants who meet our academic requirements will receive an invitation to complete our secondary application. Applicants retaking the MCAT are encouraged to include the scheduled MCAT test dates on the AACOMAS application to indicate the intent of retaking the exam. Invitations to complete the secondary application will be sent to the applicants email address provided in the AACOMS application. 

    The secondary application and secondary application fee are completed online. However, as part of the secondary application, any missing supplemental documentation must be submitted by the applicant and received by the Admissions Office before the application is considered complete.

    Submit Letters of Recommendation

    KCU's College of Osteopathic Medicine requires two letters of recommendation/evaluation to be submitted as part of the secondary application. Applicants must submit one from each of the following sources:

    • A physician (preferably an osteopathic physician)
    • A premedical source
      This could be an advisor's letter, a composite evaluation or evaluations from a committee. If a premed source is not available, please submit a letter or evaluation from a science faculty member.

    Recommendation/evaluation letters do not have to be on the KCU letter templates. These templates are provided merely as a guide for those writing the letters.

    Letters can be received by the Office of Admissions in one of four way. Letters can be sent through Virtual Eval, Interfolio, through the AACOMAS letter service or emailed to

    In addition, recommendation/evaluation letters have a maximum acceptable life span – they must have been written within two years prior to the prospective student's matriculation. (For example: If you are applying to enter KCU-COM during the 2013-2014 academic year, letters must be dated after August 2011.)

    International Applicants - Supplemental Documentation

    Complete Secondary Application

    Once KCU receives your secondary application, secondary application fee and all supplementary documentation, your application will be considered complete and will be reviewed for interview consideration.

    The major criteria for rating applicants for interview consideration are academic excellence and non-academic achievements. Academic excellence is measured by an assessment of the results of MCAT scores and sub-scores, grades, and grade point averages. During the review, the Admissions Office will also look at non-academic achievements recorded by the applicant on the AACOMS application and KCU secondary application. Non-Academic achievement criteria fall under multiple categories. Applicants are encouraged to review these on our Admissions Requirements page. Additionally, Admissions reviews a candidate's ability and desire to fulfill the mission of KCU in their personal statement and short answer responses.

    Qualified Applicants Accept Invitation for On-Campus Interview

    Applicants who are selected to be invited for an on-campus interview will be notified by email by the Office of Admissions. The email will include instructions on how to select a date for their interview. Interviews start in September and end typically in February/early March.

    The interview day will consist of an opening general information session, campus tour and student panel with our student ambassadors, lunch, and an interview with an interview team. The interview team may consist of two interviewers from our faculty, staff, or alumni and can only be conducted on our campus. The interview team will have access to the student’s secondary application before the scheduled interview.

    During an interview, students should expect to have knowledge of and/or demonstrate the following:

    • Reason for applying to KCU-COM and/or an osteopathic medical school
    • Communication skills
    • Professional demeanor
    • Problem solving skills
    • Coping skills such as the ability to stay focused when under stress

    Students will be notified of a decision via email (accept, waitlist or deny) within 3-4 weeks of their on-campus interview. KCU-COM seeks to enroll approximately 250 students each year. Questions about eligibility should be directed to

    Accept Offer of Admission and Matriculation

    An offer of admission to KCU-COM is conditional until all requirements for matriculation have been met. The requirements include, but are not limited to:

    • Submission of appropriate acceptance and matriculation fees on time (students will be notified in an acceptance letter of due dates)
    • All required coursework to be completed prior to matriculation (see required coursework) with no less than a C.
    • All matriculation paperwork completed and submitted by deadline (such as immunization records, proof of personal health insurance, and history and physical form)
    • Completion of a criminal background check at students’ expense (KCU will forward all instructions in May/June). If the results of a background check are deemed unfavorable by KCU or the applicant does not submit the background check by the deadline, their offer of admission may be rescinded.
    • Submission of official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended directly to KCU. Note: AACOMAS does not forward official transcripts on behalf of the student. In addition, discovery after admission or matriculation of intentional misrepresentation or omission of any information used in the application process or omission of information relative to scholastic records or test records will subject the student to dismissal.
    • Any other requested paperwork by the University or any of the offices. Failure to meet deadlines for any of the above listed paperwork or any requirements of the University could result in a loss of offered admission.

    Students need to be aware that discovery after admission or matriculation of intentional misrepresentation or omission of any information used in the application process or omission of information relative to scholastic records or test records will subject the student to dismissal. Matriculation will be denied to applicants who have failed to maintain a good record of scholastic performance and/or personal conduct between the time of their acceptance and their matriculation at the University. The University reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant for any reason it deems sufficient.