COM Admission Requirements

COM Admission Requirements

Minimum 501 MCAT or 25 MCAT (Only MCAT test scores taken after May 2014 will be considered)

Minimum 3.25 Science GPA

Minimum 3.25 Cumulative GPA

Minimum Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university

Necessary prerequisite undergraduate coursework completed

  • Biological Sciences - 12 semester hours (18 quarter hours)
  • Biochemistry - 3 semester hours (4.5 quarter hours)
  • Chemistry - 13 semester hours (19.5 quarter hours)
  • Physics - 8 semester hours (12 quarter hours)
  • English - 6 semester hours (9 quarter hours)

Experience in the healthcare field (shadowing, volunteer, work, etc.)

Two letters of recommendation

  • One from a pre-med advisor or committee; may substitute a science faculty member
  • One from a physician (DO or MD)
  • Additional letters may be submitted on your behalf in addition to required
  • Letters must be dated within two years of matriculation year (i.e., if starting classes at KCU in August 2017, letters must be dated no earlier than May 2015)

Meet the terms of our Health and Technical Standards