What Your Gift Supports

  • We invite your participation in KCU's Leading the Way Centennial Campaign to ensure the University continues its tradition of educating the finest osteopathic physicians for the next 100 years.

  • In 2013, the university unveiled the most ambitious campus master plan in our history. Accomplishments to date include the renovation of the Academic Center, Classroom Annex, Strickland Education Pavilion, and most recently, the Administration Building, including the addition of the Walker Family Welcome Center. However, our needs continue. Future renovations and additions to our campus will ensure that KCU has the best possible academic success.

    The focal point of our capital needs during the Centennial Campaign is the construction of a new Center for Medical and Surgical Simulation. Because we have outgrown our current building, we no longer have sufficient space to create actual-size simulation rooms, incorporate the newest equipment and accommodate our growing enrollment.

    This new center will place KCU at the forefront of simulated medical training, serving as a resource for the Midwest region and beyond.

    Your support of the Center for Medical and Surgical Simulation will:

    • Afford advanced hands-on learning to improve patient safety.
    • Provide opportunities for collaboration with peer institutions in Kansas City, as well as expand training options for medical students, residents and practicing physicians.
    • Improve patient outcomes in our community by offering specialized training to a range of professionals, such as nurses, paramedics, firefighters and rural physicians.
    • Create an endowed Chair in Simulation to attract an accomplished scholar with extensive research in the use of technology and simulation and its application to health care.

    How to Give

    Give online

    1. Go to kcumb.edu/give
    2. Select "Capital Needs" in the drop down menu
    3. Designate which capital project you would like to support
    4. Enter your gift amount




    Our strategic emphasis on enhancing translational research benefits our students’ education and contributes to medical- and scientific-related discoveries that will make a difference for patients.

    KCU has laboratories to support research in ALS, Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cardiovascular disease. And, we have established unprecedented partnerships with area biomedical partners to advance our work and to position KCU as a magnet for students pursuing degrees in this field.

    However, we need to increase our investment in internationally recognized faculty and state-of-the-art equipment to accelerate scientific discoveries to treat everything from ALS to Alzheimer’s, and to ultimately make a difference in the lives of all those living with such diseases.

    Your support of research will:  

    • Establish an endowed research chair in Neuromuscular Disease – The creation of this chair will enhance national and international research capacity with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for all neuromuscular disorders. Therapeutic advances for treatment of disease, such as ALS and DMD often require unconventional approaches and greater investments than granting agencies can support.
    • Allow core equipment investment – Greater investment in core equipment is needed to advance biomarker detection. This will strengthen the understanding of disease processes and will help develop important new therapies for patients in need.

    How to Give

    Give online

    1. Go to kcumb.edu/give
    2. Select "Research" in the drop down menu
    3. Enter your gift amount




    KCU has remained steadfastly committed to the education and training of caring, compassionate osteopathic physicians since its inception. With the addition of the College of Biosciences, we expanded our role to include the education of students in bioethics and biomedical sciences. Ensuring that all of our future physicians, scientists and healthcare professionals receive the very best education requires that the university continue to invest in the finest faculty and staff.

    Your support for scholarship and faculty will:

    • Ease student debt burden and help ensure it is financially feasible for KCU’s future osteopathic physicians to live our mission and pursue their interest in primary care. It will also allow the University to continue to attract the most promising future osteopathic physicians.
    • Establish endowed lectureships that create unique learning opportunities by allowing KCU to bring subject matter experts to our campus. Such learning opportunities benefit our students, as well as elevate the educational experiences for our faculty, alumni and greater medical community.
    • Establish chairs and faculty positions that not only help us impart knowledge and build competencies, but also model the holistic compassionate care that we want our graduates to exhibit when they practice. Through "Leading the Way", we will invest endowed funds that strengthen our ability to attract, develop and retain the most talented clinicians and researchers to join KCU’s team. One of the Campaign’s priorities is to secure the University’s first endowed chair.

    How to Give

    Give online

    1. Go to kcumb.edu/give
    2. Select "Scholarship and Faculty Support" in the drop down menu
    3. Designate what area you would like to support
    4. Enter your gift amount




    KCU is distinctive among osteopathic medical schools in its unwavering commitment to service and community. Two primary programs both support our efforts to create community-minded osteopathic physicians, and exemplify the impact KCU can have on our communities when we live our mission. They also solidify the impact we have on provision of health care in Kansas City.

    Score 1 is a preventive health program that focuses on children in areas of greatest need, including urban core, underprivileged and low-income families.

    Our Medical Missions help our students provide much-needed health care to indigent and isolated people in remote areas around the world.

    Medical Missions

    The University has offered opportunities for student participation in medical mission trips since 1996. Participation in these trips provides students a global perspective on health care challenges and international medical outreach.

    Your support of medical missions will:

    • Provide diagnosis and medications free of charge to underserved communities around the globe.
    • Introduce patients to osteopathic manipulative treatment, which for many, is their first experience.

    Score 1 for Health (Score 1)

    KCU Score 1 for Health (Score 1) program is essential to our mission of improving the well-being of the communities we serve. Its goal is to ensure that children in Kansas City have the ability to succeed early in life by providing free in-school health screenings, preventive health education and health-care mentors. KCU faculty and second year medical students have provided

    Your support of Score 1 will:

    • Provide screening nearly 15,000 children each year for basic health assessments.
    • Serve more than 40 elementary schools in the greater Kansas City metro area.
    • Facilitate medical attention for children in need of additional medical and social services, referring children and their families to an established network of community health-care partners for treatment.

    How to Give

    Give online

    1. Go to kcumb.edu/give
    2. Select "Outreach Programs" in the drop down menu
    3. Designate which program you would like to support
    4. Enter your gift amount