What World Health Day Means To Me

By Kelsey Boyle Apr 7, 2017
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Kelsey Boyle

I started medical school with a goal of getting involved in KCU’s global medicine outreach programs. During my time here at KCU I’ve had to opportunity to travel with two global outreach trips: to Kenya in June of 2016 and most recently to the Dominican Republic in January of 2017. 

On the first day of our clinic work we visited a local orphanage where we provided medical care for most of the children living there.

Of all the kids we saw that day, one particular boy left a lasting impression on me.

He was a spunky 5-year old with a rash on his legs. He said it was itchy and hurt when touched. After diagnosing him with a common fungal infection and providing him the proper medication, I performed a general physical exam.

Most of children we met in the Dominican Republic have never seen doctors before so they were afraid to let us examine them, and this little boy was no different. When I tried to look into his ears he tried to squirm away. After promising I would not hurt him eventually he let me look.

Much to my surprise he started laughing because he thought it was fun and tickled. After that he was excited for the rest of the exam making funny faces with me and was no longer apprehensive about what I was doing. 

When I finished the exam he wanted to play with my “doctor toys” and practice on me. Not only was I able to provide him medical care, I was also able to give him a positive experience with clinicians that will hopefully stick with him for the rest of his life.

This is only one of many memories I have of the difference we make on global outreach trips as part of KCU.

 I am fortunate to have had these great opportunities and I look forward to more in the future.

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