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    Physical Activity and Obesity in Children

    Physical Activity and Obesity in Children: Sustainability as a Priority 

    Lee RebeccaPresenter: Rebecca Lee, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance, University of Houston  |  Read biography

    Physical inactivity and obesity in children continue to be vexing public health challenges. In her book, Reversing the Obesogenic Environment (Human Kinestics, 2011), Dr. Rebecca Lee describes determinants and solutions for obesity throughout the world. In her talk, Dr. Lee will discuss some of her own work in the United States and Mexico measuring the relationships of neighborhood environments and policies to physical activity, nutrition and obesity in children. Her findings suggest that simple approaches that promote sustainable behavioral choices in a complex world should be the priority in improving health in children to last a lifetime.




    Date: 04/18/2014

    Time: 8:00 AM

    Location: KCUMB Campus

    Category: Alumni