Green Team

  • The mission of the KCUMB Green Team is to:

    • Aid KCUMB in becoming a more environmentally sustainable campus by committing to lowering the carbon footprint of the institution.
    • Promote sustainability across the institution by supporting energy-saving measures and/or recommending more sustainable practices in all campus facilities. 
    • Provide recommendations in areas including, but not limited to, recycling efforts, purchasing practices, facilities, and/or education and involvement.

    Committee Members include:

    • Committee Chair, Anna Graether
    • Student Services, Enrollment/Admissions/Registrar, Sara Selkirk, M.P.A.
    • Faculty Representatives, Amy DeBaets, Ph.D.
    • Community Garden Representative, LaDonna Campbell, B.A.
    • Library Representative, Angie Clemmer
    • Building Service/Cafeteria Representative, James Herrington
    • Administrative Assistant (F&C Medicine), Stephanie Dodd

    Please contact Committee Chair Anna Graether if you would like more information or have a suggestion for the Green Team.