By taking advantage of best practices in technology and sustainability, KCU endeavors to identify ways to reduce its impact on the environment, creating a better future for the generations of students yet to come. 

    Through campus-wide recycling opportunities, KCU lessens our carbon footprint and supports community organizations such as Newhouse Shelter, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lions Clubs and KC Rehabilitation Institute.

    What can I recycle?

     In any blue recycling bin on campus, you can recycle: 

    • Aluminum cans
    • Cardboard
    • Paper (office/school paper, newspapers, magazines, folders, books, junk mail, envelopes)
    • Plastic containers (#1-7)

    In specific recycling bins in the entry of SAC, you can recycle: 

    • Aluminum foil (clean)
    • Batteries
    • Cell phones (chargers, cords)
    • Eyeglasses
    • Keys
    • Wire hangers

    Where else can I recycle?

    Go to for a complete list of where to recycle in our community. 

    Campus Composting

    KCU's composting program provides a simple way to further reduce landfill waste. Almost all of the take-out containers and utensils used in the Cafe are compostable. Composting bins are located in KCU's Cottonwood Café and both coffee shops (SAC and ADB), as well as near the elevators in ADB.

    What can I compost?

    • Food
    • Soiled paper
    • Plant-based to-go clamshell containers, plates, cups, utensils and straws.