• 2015

    • KCU's Sustainability Leadership Team organizes the first Extreme Recycling Day on April 16. The event drew 341 participants and gathered over 10,000 pounds of materials for reuse and recycling. Local food trucks were on hand to reward participants with a tasty meal. View photo gallery  
    • KCU’s Food Services provides compostable bins for catering buffets on campus, and promotes reusable ceramic ware and metal utensils when dining in.
      KCU conducts an energy audit.


    • KCU's Food Services provides collection bins for compostable containers and food.
    • KCU opens its doors to a newly renovated Academic Center, which has been awarded LEED Silver certification. The renovation diverted 90 percent of waste materials from the landfill. One creative reuse of materials can be seen in the wood paneling, which is recycled cherry wood from the previous auditorium. View photo gallery
    • KCU's Food Services moves to compostable food containers.


    • KCU replaces traditional water fountains with new water bottle filling stations.
    • KCU establishes a Strategic Leadership Team to help promote sustainability across the institution.


    • KCU adds more recycling bins on campus; Styrofoam boxes added to recycled materials collection.
    • Classroom annex renovations are reported to be LEED certification appropriate.
    • KCU initiates educational program for medicine drop-off centers in the northland.
    • KCP&L awards KCU with rebate incentives for projects in Smith Hall, SEP, D'Angelo Library and the Student Activities Center.


    • Weekly green tips appear on the intranet. 
    • KCU initiates targeted recycling drives two to three times a year. 
    • KCU adds more recycling bins on campus; Cell phones, batteries, hangers and aluminum foil are added to added to recycled materials collection.
    • Cafeteria reduces waste by buying in bulk, offering stainless steel utensils along with plastic and staggering student lunch hours to reduce the number of to-go containers.
    • KCU commits to LEED certification for future buildings and renovations to current facilities. 
    • KCU conducts energy audit. 
    • Stickers added to light switches on campus to remind everyone to turn lights off.
    • Earth Day kicks off awareness campaign complete with recycling drive, green trivia contest and reusable bags for students. 
    • KCU participates in Northeast Neighborhood clean-up day.
    • Styrofoam cooler recycling initiated in Dybedal for the researchers and CRC.
    • Security switches lights in parking lot to LED for higher lighting output with less energy consumption.
    • KCU community garden starts compost.


    • KCU becomes a member of the Environmental Excellence Business Network of Kansas City.
    • KCU adds more recycling bins on campus.
    • Water jugs replace bottled water for meetings and Community Service Day to reduce waste.
    • KCU sees a significant drop in paper use thanks to several committees going paperless, the Go-Print system and the interlibrary loan service distributing electronic copies in lieu of paper whenever possible.
    • The Green Team becomes involved in the Community Garden.


    • Go Green Contest calls for ideas on how to be green.
    • KCU adds more recycling bins on campus.


    • KCU forms the Green Team.
    • KCU continues to recycle motor oil, cooking oil, batteries and tires as it has done for the past 15 years.