Emergency Procedures

  • KCU provides you with 24-hour help and protection, seven days a week on a year-round basis. Contact KCU Security at 816-654-7911.


    In case of fire, evacuate the building, warning others nearby on your out. Take the stairs and move away from fire and smoke. Touch closed doors before opening. Do not open them if they are hot. Close doors and windows if time permits. Move away from the building and contact KCU Security and/or 911 from a safe location. Do not re-enter the building until you have been instructed to do so by security or an emergency responder.


    In case of an earthquake, duck under and hold onto the nearest sturdy object. If you are not near a sturdy object, make yourself as small as possible and cover your head and neck. If you stand in a doorway, brace yourself against the frame. Watch out for a swinging door or other people. Avoid windows, filing cabinets, bookcases and other heavy objects that could fall or shatter. Stay under cover until the shaking stops, and then leave the building.

    Tornado/Severe Weather

    In case of a severe weather, tune in to one of the following local radio stations - AM 610, 710, 810 or 980. In case of a tornado, all persons should proceed to pre-designated shelter areas (each building has one). It is suggested that individuals take along a radio for updates, although KCU Security will keep the KCU community updated by way of RAVE text and email alerts on the storms progress. Sirens are tested first Wednesday of each month at noon. 

    Criminal or Violent Behavior

    If you are the victim of, or are involved in, any on-campus violation of the law, such as assault, robbery, theft, overt sexual behavior, etc., do not take any unnecessary risk. Notify KCU Security as soon as possible and file an incident report.

    Explosion/Bomb Threat Procedures

    If you suspect explosive materials or a bomb, move to a safe area and contact KCU Security. Do not handle or touch suspicious objects or operate any power switch, including the fire alarm. If you receive a bomb threat (via the telephone), stay calm and try to obtain as much information as possible. Call KCU Security and submit your notes.

    Hazardous Materials

    If you witness or sense a hazardous material issue/emergency, evacuate the site area and call KCU Security.

    Utility Failure

    In the event of a major utility failure, notify KCU Security or Physical Facilities at 816-654-7120. Reschedule visits and meetings as necessary.

    Elevator Failure

    If you are trapped in an elevator, remain calm and turn on the emergency alarm (located on the control panel) to signal your need for help.