Safety Measures

  • RAVE Alerts

    KCU students and employees are strongly encouraged to register their mobile devices with the RAVE emergency alert system to receive text messages in case of a campus emergency or school closing. Visit the intranet to learn more about how to sign up for alerts.

    Badges (Employees and Students)

    Students and employees will be issued ID/access badges, which must be worn in accordance with the badge policy. ID/access badges allow entry into several buildings on campus.

    Blue-Light Emergency Phones

    Blue-light emergency phones are located throughout campus at these locations:

    • Two Emergency poles in Lot G - Northeast corner and South basketball court entrance.
    • One Emergency pole in the Garden Park - East side entry into shelter house
    • One Emergency pole in Lot A entrance/exit
    • One Emergency pole in Lot B North - East of KCCC
    • One Emergency pole in SEP Quad - Donor Wall area
    • One Emergency call box in Lot E -Eastside of lot on light pole
    • Three Emergency call boxes - SEP West, SAC East and DRC main door entrances

    While parking in these lots, familiarize yourself with the phone locations and how the blue-light phones work.

    Campus Escorts

    Our officers are here to help ensure your safety. If you ever feel unsafe while on campus, please contact KCU Security for a campus escort to your car or another building.

    Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring

    State-of-the-art surveillance cameras are strategically placed though-out campus in an effort to deter criminal act on campus. So as not give a false sense of security, it is important to know the cameras are not monitored at all times. The videos are recorded and are able to be exported to the Kansas City Police Department, making it a valuable investigative asset in the event of a crime as well as a deterrent.

    Bike Patrols

    KCU utilizes bike patrols as a deterrent to crime. The bike patrols run during the period of time when the campus populations is at its greatest. The advantages to bike patrols are faster response time, stealthiness and being more accessible to the public. Officers receive certified training in the proper operation and use of police bikes thought, IPMBA (the International Police Mountain Bike Association), the Blue Rivers Police Academy and joint training with the Blue Springs Police Department Bike Patrol.

    Safety Tips

    KCU can serve as a resource for safety tips and preventive measures you can take to stay safe. Visit the intranet for tips on staying safe while on campus.