• Upon enrollment, all KCU students become members of the Student Government Association. 

    The representative governing body of the SGA is the Student Senate. The Student Senate consists of six College of Osteopathic Medicine representatives and four officers from each College of Osteopathic Medicine class, as well as two College of Biosciences representatives. An Executive Council consisting of the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer presides over the Student Senate. Each class elects representatives and class officers according to the SGA constitution.

    An activity fee, paid by each student, finances SGA activities and SGA-chartered organizations. The primary function of SGA is to serve as a liaison between the students, faculty and administration. Student Senate members serve on administration and faculty committees and help to bring about changes that will benefit the student body as a whole.

    The Council of Presidents is an SGA committee composed of the presidents of all SGA-chartered organizations and recognized special-interest groups. It was established to assist these organizations in coordinating and organizing various activities.