• Big Brother/Sister (COM)

    When new students first arrive on campus, each osteopathic medical student is assigned a big brother/sister, who is a second-year student. Assignments are made in the spring before students matriculate. The big brother/sister can pass along important tips to each first-year student, not to mention provide them with the encouragement that comes in realizing they can also succeed. Each year during orientation, the University hosts several events on campus geared toward allowing first-year students the opportunity to socialize and develop relationships with their big brothers/sisters.

    Faculty Advisor

    All students are also assigned faculty advisors. Knowing how valuable this type of mentoring relationship can be, the University hosts a faculty advisor luncheon during the new student orientation. This gives all first-year students the opportunity to build rapport with their advisors before academic challenges begin. Faculty advisors continue to meet regularly throughout the year with their advisees.