New Students

  • Welcome New Students!

    Orientation provides you with invaluable information while giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the campus, the community and your classmates. Here's a little of what you can expect leading up to and during your first few weeks at KCUMB (more detailed instructions are available on your class matriculation pages). Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions at (800) 234-4847 ext. 7160 or

  • Things all students should do before coming to KCUMB (more detailed instructions available on your class matriculation pages):

    • Submit Matriculation & Immunization Packets (see forms for specific colleges)  
    • Submit All Official Transcripts
      (Transcripts sent to AACOMAS for your COM application are not forwarded to our Office of Admissions. You must have official copies sent directly to us from all college/universities attended.)
    • Complete Criminal Background Check 
    • Order Required Textbooks  
    • Purchase Required Medical Equipment - COM only
    • Review Technology Requirements & Guidelines 
    • Review the Academic Calendar 
    • Secure Student Housing  
    • Apply for Scholarships 
    • Students: For complete event details, please view your class matriculation page.

    College of Osteopathic Medicine  

    An introduction to KCUMB, its administration and departments, as well as an overview the opportunities and services available to you as a first-year student.

    Dress: Business attire  dress pants, dress shirt, tie (optional), professional dress or skirt and blouse. No khakis, polos, jeans, shorts, spaghetti straps or strapless, flip flops or sneakers. Flat to modest heels recommended.   

    We Care Community Service Day
    KCUMB kicks off each year by completing several community service projects in the area. First-year students along with KCUMB faculty and staff are assigned nonprofit organizations in the urban core of Kansas City based on their interests and skills.

    Dress: Casual jeans, shorts and sneakers. We'll provide you with We Care T-shirts.

    All-Campus Picnic

    The location of the all-campus picnic varies each year, but the event typically takes place at a major Kansas City attraction. Past picnic locations include Sporting KC games and Worlds of Fun. 

    Dress: Casual jeans, shorts and T-shirts.

    White Coating Ceremony
    KCUMB was the first medical school in the Kansas City area to host an annual White Coating Ceremony for the entering class. The White Coating Ceremony is a touching and significant event, symbolizing the beginning of your career as an osteopathic medical student. During the ceremony, you have the opportunity to have a physician (D.O. or M.D.), including a very close friend or family member, place the white coat on you.

    Dress: Formal  dark pants/suit or a dark dress and black dress shoes (no sandals or open-toed shoes). Men please wear a white shirt and tie.

    Questions? Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 816-654-7213.

    College of Biosciences


    An introduction to KCUMB and an overview of the College of Biosciences. Listen to a variety of welcome presentations, including an academic overview, financial aid, informational technology, ID pictures, big brother/sister lunch, registration, student affairs and general information, followed by a dinner. 

    Dress: Business attire  dress pants, dress shirt, tie (optional), professional dress or skirt and blouse. No khakis, polos, jeans, shorts, spaghetti straps or strapless, flip flops or sneakers. Flat to modest heels recommended. 

    Big Brother/Sister (COM)

    When new students first arrive on campus, each osteopathic medical student is assigned a big brother/sister, who is a second-year student. Assignments are made in the spring before students matriculate. The big brother/sister can pass along important tips to each first-year student, not to mention provide them with the encouragement that comes in realizing they can also succeed. Each year during orientation, the University hosts several events on campus geared toward allowing first-year students the opportunity to socialize and develop relationships with their big brothers/sisters.

    Faculty Advisor

    All students are also assigned faculty advisors. Knowing how valuable this type of mentoring relationship can be, the University hosts a faculty advisor luncheon the first day of student orientation. This gives all first-year students the opportunity to build rapport with their advisors before academic challenges begin. Faculty advisors continue to meet regularly throughout the year with their advisees.

    Alumni Networking (COM)

    In addition, all osteopathic medical students have the opportunity to establish mentoring relationships with alumni through the KCUMB alumni networking program. First-year students are invited to share breakfast or attend a reception with area alumni in the fall. Alumni panels and the alumni online mentoring network provide students the opportunity to ask candid questions about how they can be successful in medical school, selecting clerkships, selecting a specialty and becoming a physician.