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    Curricular Affairs

    Patient-centered, clinical presentation-based curriculum that introduces students to clinical training early in the first year

Curricular Affairs (COM)

  • The Department of Curricular Affairs in the College of Osteopathic Medicine has developed a patient-centered, clinical presentation-based curriculum that introduces students to clinical training early in the first year.

    Our department is responsible for the support and coordination of the academic program in the College of Osteopathic Medicine. The department staff oversees academic requirements, performance requirements and the integrity of the four-year curriculum.

    The mission of the educational program is to provide high-quality, competency-based curriculum in order to prepare students to enter competitive fields of medical specialties. The curriculum is an innovative systems-based program that introduces basic science principles in year one complemented with parallel training in the principles of clinical medicine, medical informatics and information literacy, and osteopathic skills. Systems are revisited in year two with a focus on clinical presentations with continued clinical training preparation. Also highlighted are unique opportunities in disaster medicine training.


    Linda R. Adkison, PhD,
    Professor of Genetics, Associate Dean
    for Curricular Affairs


    Andrea Hanson - Sr. Assessment Coordinator
    David Lockwood - Assessment Coordinator and Curriculum Coordinator (Year III/IV)
    Marcos Harders - Curriculum Coordinator (Year I)
    Rnee' O'Bannon - Curriculum Coordinator (Year II)
    Angel Fox - Curriculum Coordinator (OCS Year I/II)
    Dalal Englin - Administrative Assistant III

    Curriculum Directors

    Frank Fitzpatrick, PhD
    Professor of Pharmacology, Curriculum Director, Year II

    Curriculum Committee

    The Curriculum Committee is the guiding force to ensure excellence in educational programs for student learning at KCU. The specific responsibilities of the Curriculum Committee are to:

    • Develop, evaluate, and recommend comprehensive curricula for all University programs
    • Ascertain that all courses have appropriate written objectives and approved syllabi
    • Review and recommend academic policies to the administration
    • Assist in the implementation of KCU's Information Technology Plan, specifically the strategic use of technology

    The Curriculum Committee consists of members of the College of Osteopath Medicine and administrators. The membership reflects department chairs, the Director of Admissions, Director of IT (interim), Executive Director for Assessment and Accreditation, Reference Librarian, and academic leadership.

    2012-2013 Committee Membership

    • Linda Adkison, PhD, Chair
    • Gary Ballam, PhD
    • Adrian Clark, MBA
    • William Joshua Cox, DO
    • John Dougherty, DO
    • Bruce Dubin, DO
    • Lori Fitterling, MLS
    • Ed Friedlander, MD
    • Patricia Harper, MS, MSO.D.
    • Kevin Hubbard, DO
    • G. Micheal Johnston, DO
    • Diane Karius, PhD
    • Richard Magie, DO
    • Elizabeth McClain, PhD
    • Larry Segars, Pharm.D.
    • Norbert Seidler, PhD
    • Jeffrey Suzewits, DO
    • Kevin Treffer, DO
    • Richard Winslow, PhD



    Administrative Support

    • Allison Moore