• Security

    Safety and Emergency Management

    Promoting a safety awareness and a secure academic environment for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors

Z - Safety and Emergency Management Department

  • KCU Safety and Emergency Management Department is an armed proprietary security company that works exclusively for the University. Our officers derive their law enforcement authority from the Kansas City (Mo.) Police Department (KCPD/KCMO) through Revised Missouri Statute Section 84.720. KCU also employs off-duty KCPD police officers, who work together with our department to provide a safe learning environment.

    Our department is responsible for promoting a safe and secure academic environment for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. Recognizing our shared responsibility to maintain order while affording dignity and respect to every individual, our department strives to achieve this through a community-friendly approach that enhances safety through the visibility of security personnel, preventive patrols and 24-hour accessibility.
    Our efforts include high-visibility patrols, responding to and investigating on-campus incidents, providing security services at University events, and increasing student and employee vigilance through crime-prevention training and awareness, workshops and other activities. Our department is committed to working with the community to achieve a shared goal of creating a safe and welcoming campus environment.
    Title 17 CSR 10-2.030 Board of Police Commissioners gives the authority to KCU officers to detain or apprehend suspects for felonies, misdemeanors and city ordinances/violations committed in their presence while on the campus of KCU and, in some instances, on public property. However, KCPD has primary jurisdiction over the KCU campus.