About Score 1

  • Many children in the Kansas City area do not receive the healthcare they need or deserve. That's where Score 1 for Health comes in. We focus on reaching children in greatest need by administering free, comprehensive health screenings in an environment that's safe and easy: the child's own school.

    Our goal is to ensure that Kansas City's elementary children have the ability to succeed early in life, not limited by undiscovered health problems.

    Contact Information
    Phone: 816-654-7960
    Email: score1@kcumb.edu
    Mailing address:
    KCU, Attn: Score 1 for Health
    1750 Independence Avenue
    Kansas City, MO 64106

  • The Score 1 for Health program is a community outreach effort provided by KCU. A staff of registered nurses, nutrition experts and support staff administer the program and KCU’s first- and second-year osteopathic medical students participate in health screening days, gaining valuable clinical experience in pediatric health assessment while providing an important community service. Our efforts are made possible by those who are committed to the Score 1 for Health goal: healthier kids for a healthier future. As we remain focused to this vital community outreach, we continue to expand our community partnerships, providing access for even more children and families each year.

    Our Partners and Sponsors

    Health Screening Partners

    Score 1 for Health facilitates partnerships with more than 20 allied health schools to provide future physicians, dentists, nurses, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists and medical assistants with clinical experience in pediatric and community health assessments. Click here to find out more about partnering with Score 1 for Health.

    Grant Funding Sources

    Score 1 for Health has received significant funding from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City, REACH Healthcare Foundation, NFL Charities, Kansas Health Foundation and W.T. Kemper Foundation.

    www.healthcare4kc.org | www.reachhealth.org | www.kansashealth.org | www.jointheteam.com


    Score 1 for Health volunteers offer their time and expertise to ensure that each screening goes as smoothly as possible. We rely on their help to make this program work. Find out more about becoming a volunteer and making a difference in the health of Kansas City kids.