• Local organizations may submit requests for sponsorship of events or programs. The University gives careful consideration to all sponsorship requests to ensure they align with the University’s mission and strategic goals.*
    The following criteria have been developed as a guide for reviewing and evaluating sponsorship requests. The sponsorship should:

    • Align with and forward the University’s mission and strategic goals
    • Address local community needs by supporting basic institutions and services within the Greater Kansas City area, especially for those in underserved populations
    • Support Kansas City’s historic Northeast and the University’s immediate neighborhood
    • Promote the health and wellness of the Kansas City community
    • Be made only once per year to any given organization

    Learn more about KCU sponsorships opportunities or contact Sara Selkirk at sselkirk@kcumb.edu.

    *KCU does not typically pursue lead or naming sponsorship levels for the purpose of increased exposure.