• Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

    The IACUC reviews all protocols involving research with live or dead vertebrate animals. The committee ensures such protocols adequately protect the health and welfare of animals utilized for research. 

    Institutional Biosafety Committee

    The IBC reviews protocols for research involving recombinant DNA, biohazardous materials, infectious agents and biologically derived toxins, including select agents. The committee reviews such protocols for adequate safety measures, lab-specific standard operating procedures, training, compliance with regulations and University policy, etc.

    Institutional Review Board

    The IRB is a committee that reviews protocols involving research on live human beings. The IRB is essential for ensuring that humans participating in research as subjects are protected from physical, emotional and mental harm to the extent they agreed when entering a study.


    IRBNet is an e-protocol system. All IACUC and IBC protocols must be submitted via IRBNet. Learn how to set up your own account via IRBNet.

    Compliance Training

    Before any research can be initiated, all required training must be completed. Use the resources found in the Compliance Training section to determine what training is needed.