Abstracts & Presentations

  • Presented at KCUMB's 2013 Research Symposium

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    Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)

    Clinical Science (CS)

    Bioethics/Medical Education (BIO/MED)

    Community Health (CH)

    Guidelines for Submission

    Abstract submission has closed.

     General Information

    To be eligible to submit an abstract, you must be:

    1. KCUMB student or a student seeking a medical or doctorate degree
    2. Post-graduate resident or fellow
    3. Faculty member
    4. KCUMB alumni, researchers, scientists, clinicians or other professionals with terminal or related degrees

    In the abstract submission form, you will be asked to include the following:  

    1. Title of the Abstract
    2. Author(s) - Author Order
    3. Abstract (250-word limit)
    4. Area of Study
    5. Type of Report/Study
    6. Mentor (if student)

    Specific Guidelines:

    • Purpose/Introduction
      Rationale for the study, research question and objectives of the study
    • Methods/Materials
      Brief description of technique, research design, models of inquiry and sources of data
    • Results
      Summarized data or outcomes, including quantitative statistical significance, or qualitative descriptions of outcomes/inquiries
    • Conclusions
      Brief interpretation of the results and implications to your field of study

    Important: Changes will not be allowed after the final submission date of Oct. 14. Presenters will be notified by the research committee by Oct. 21 if their research abstracts have been accepted.

    Poster Presentations

    You must be present during the poster presentations to be eligible for judging.

    Presentations will be posted the day of the event.