Process and Timeline

  • Students are matched to an affiliated core training site to complete third-year curricular requirements. The student remains at the site for the duration of the third year and many will choose to stay at their site to complete fourth-year requirements.

    The Office of Community Clinical Education conducts the third-year core site match, whereby each student is assigned to an affiliated core-training site.

    Core Site Match Timeline

    Each class will elect representatives to assist in the third-year core site match process. The specific dates and timeline for the match are set annually by OCCE and the current class representatives. The following timeline is meant as a general guide only – specific information for each class will be communicated.
    First Year (Summer Before Second Year):

    • Begin reviewing information on current affiliated sites.

    Second Year (Fall):

    • Prior to Hospital Day, OCCE will address the class with regard to specific dates and policies for their third-year core site match.
    • A straw poll is conducted, giving students the opportunity to communicate their preferences to OCCE.
    • This is preliminary and for informational purposes only. The straw poll will NOT be used to assign core sites. OCCE meets with the class to discuss sites, answer questions and review straw poll information. Match forms are released and are generally due within one week.
    • Match is conducted.
    • Results are released.


    The KCU third- and fourth-year curriculum requires students to successfully complete clinical experiences. Required core clinical experiences are completed in the following disciplines:

    Third-Year Curriculum

    • Core General Family Medicine (2 blocks)
    • Core General Internal Medicine (2 blocks)
    • Core General Surgery (2 blocks)
    • Core Obstetrics and Gynecology (1 block)
    • Core Pediatrics (1 block)
    • Core Psychiatry (1 block)
    • Elective (1 block)

    Fourth-Year Curriculum

    Standard Option I

    • Core Emergency Medicine (1 block)
    • Core Cardiology (1 block)
    • Rural/Underserved Primary Care (1 block)
    • Sub-internship (2 blocks)
    • Electives (5 blocks) 

    Alternate Option II

    • Core Emergency Medicine (1 block)
    • Core Cardiology (1 block)
    • Rural/Underserved Primary Care (3 blocks)
    • Electives (5 blocks)