• ERAS Fees

    Processing fees are based on the number of programs applied to per specialty. MyERAS automatically calculates student fees and allows for payment online. A base line fee is typically assessed for a set number of programs, but others can be added for an additional charge. Additionally, COMLEX and USMLE scores are auto-attached for a one-time charge. Please refer to the ERAS website for specific details about fees and/or processing.

    NMS Fees (Osteopathic Match)
    The registration fee for NMS is set each year and posted to their website. The fee is non-refundable, and is collected by NMS on behalf of the AOA. While the application is an online process, payment must be made to the National Matching Services Inc. by check or money order drawn on a U.S. or Canadian bank, or by an International postal money order (NOT a U.S. postal money order). Only signed Agreements sent with full payment of the registration fee payable to National Matching Services Inc. will be accepted. Please refer to the NMS website to download the Agreement form and to secure additional details.

    NRMP Fees (Allopathic Match)
    The NRMP will advertise a standard registration fee each year, which is payable online by a specific deadline. Late registrations are entertained for several weeks after the initial registration period for an additional fee. All registration fees are non-refundable. For the standard registration fee, applicants get the opportunity to rank a set number of programs on their primary rank order list and also a set number on their secondary rank order list. Students may add additional programs to their rank order lists for a fee. Students should refer to the NRMP website for specific details.