Timeline & Deadlines

  • General ERAS Timeline 

    Early July MyERAS website opens for students to begin working on applications. (This website requires students to enter their ERAS Token ID for access. Token ID’s are emailed to students from the Office of the Registrar).
    Mid-July Osteopathic training programs begin downloading ERAS applications.
    Early September Students begin applying to ACGME-accredited programs; and ACGME programs may begin downloading applications.
    Oct. 1 MSPEs (Dean’s Letters) are released to AOA-accredited and ACGME-accredited programs.
    December Military Match
    January Urology Match
    February Osteopathic Match
    March NRMP Match results are available on the website.
    Late May ERAS PostOffice closes.


    NMS Timeline

    Mid-June Registration for Osteopathic Match opens
    Early October Registration deadline
    Early November Program participant list available for viewing on website.
    Late November Students begin ranking programs
    Mid-Late January Deadline for rank order submission
    Early February Match results made available
    Mid-February Deadline for programs to send contracts to students. Students typically have 30 days from the time they receive the contract to sign and return.


    General NRMP Timeline for Main Residency Match

    Mid-August Registration for Allopathic Match opens
    Late November Registration deadline for standard fee
    Mid-January Rank Order List opens
    Late January Quota Change Deadline
    Mid-Late February Late Registration deadline; Rank order List closes; and Withdrawal deadline
    Mid-March General confirmation of matched/unmatched status posted to the NRMP website; Filled/unfilled positions posted to NRMP website; Details of locations with unfilled positions posted to website; and unmatched applicants may contact programs.
    Mid-Late March Match Day – details about which programs students matched to is posted to the NRMP website.