Alumni Mentoring Network

  • Your alma mater has thousands of eager applicants and nearly 1,000 bright, young medical students who would be extremely grateful to learn from your experience. The knowledge you have gained throughout your career can be shared in many ways through the Alumni Mentoring Network.

    By becoming active in the Alumni Mentoring Network, you can:

    • Help recruit and select the most qualified applicants;
    • Counsel third- and fourth-year students as they make important decisions on specialty areas and geographic locations;
    • Provide community clinical training opportunities for students;
    • Promote the University in your area by displaying materials, representing KCU at pre-med fairs or club meetings, and welcoming students who move to the area; and
    • Welcome new students to the profession at the annual White Coating Ceremony or by attending mentoring events on campus.

    Your participation in any or all of these activities will help future physicians achieve the success you have known.

    For more information about the Alumni Mentoring Network and how you can have a significant impact on the careers of future physicians, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 816-654-7280, via email at or, by completing our volunteer form