• By taking advantage of best practices in technology and sustainability, KCU endeavors to identify ways to reduce its impact on the environment, creating a better future for the generations of students yet to come. 

    Through campus-wide recycling opportunities, KCU lessens our carbon footprint and supports community organizations such as Newhouse Shelter, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lions Clubs and KC Rehabilitation Institute.

    What can I recycle?

    • Aluminum cans
    • Aluminum foil (clean)
    • Batteries
    • Cardboard
    • Cell phones (chargers, cords)
    • Eyeglasses
    • Keys
    • Paper (office/school paper, newspapers, magazines, folders, books, junk mail, envelopes)
    • Plastic containers (#1-7)
    • Wire hangers

    Where can I recycle?

    Multiple recycling bins are placed in each building on campus, however specific items such as electronics, eyeglasses and keys, have designated bins in the Student Activities Center. Click here for a complete list of where to recycle on campus and locally.

    Cottonwood Café Composting

    KCU's Cottonwood Café composting program provides a simple way to further reduce landfill waste. Almost all of the take-out containers and utensils used in the Cafe are compostable. Recycling and composting bins are provided, along with instructions on what can be placed in each bin.

    What can I compost?

    • Food
    • Soiled paper
    • Takeout containers