Library Collections

The D'Angelo Library is located in a two-story, 20,000 square foot building on the KCU-Kansas City campus.


The Library's collections include:

  • E-books, e-journals, research databases, online videos and other electronic resources.
  • Print books and periodicals, flash cards, DVDs, audiobooks and study guides.
  • A historical collections room featuring medical and osteopathic literature that dates from Ancient Egypt to the 19th century.
  • A digital archive documenting the history of the university and of osteopathic medicine. 


The building offers:

  • Five study rooms, each equipped with an OMT table, wall-mounted Apple TV, DVD/Blu-ray player and white board.
  • A conference room that seats seven and offers a laptop computer, wall-mounted Apple TV, DVD/Blue-ray player, white board and conference call phone.
  • An instruction room/computer lab.
  • Model collection.
  • Photocopy machine with scanning capabilities.
  • Fax machine and two WEPA printing stations.
  • Scanner.
  • Study carrels, tables, tablet chairs and couches.