• In February 2013, KCU students, staff, alumni and others traveled together to Guatemala with DOCARE International to demonstrate that “The World is Our Clinic.”  

    Guatemala StatisticsAlumni Contributions

    • Medications
    • Wisdom and experience
    • Scholarships

    FACT: We had a record-breaking number of patients seen on day two of the trip with 482 patients seen! This was largely due to greater alumni contributions toward the trip.  

    Special thanks to alumni volunteers, Dan Walsh, DO (COM '82) and Audrey Walsh, RN, Hoa Nguyen, DO (COM ’12), Steve Derrington, DO (COM ‘ 11), Alison Abraham, DO (COM ’11), and Jessica Segedy, DO (COM ’11). Their contributions of medications, wisdom, experience and financial support were key factors in making this year’s trip so successful.

    What does it take to help?

    For about $1,500, you can sponsor an osteopathic medical student and offer him or her a new perspective on the world.

    Conditions Seen

    Commonly seen conditions included: malnutrition, GERD, osteoarthritis, parasitic infections, dermatitis, visual problems and various infections.

    FACT: Many patients in cultures such as those visited develop arthritis early resulting from many years of manual labor. A steroid injection for a knee, wrist or shoulder allows a patient several months of relief, permitting them to return to work without pain and to provide for their families.

    Lessons Learned by Scholarship Recipients

    As much as I would have wanted to [participate] I probably would not have for financial reasons. My experience taught me to appreciate my life. It is so easy to take things for granted, like my health, access to clean food and water, access to healthcare, and the ability to afford the things I need in life.” — Mary Anne Estacio, (COM ‘13)

    "You have the ability to change someone’s life, no matter how small it may seem." — Shahrzad Rahbar, (COM ‘13)