Student Outcomes

KCU Biomedical Sciences Graduate Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Science of Biomedical Sciences program are highly successful in finding employment in numerous health services fields, biotech industries and research, just to name a few. But the majority of our one-year track graduates continue their education by attending medical school.

Robert Steele

“I was 100% prepared to enter medical school thanks to the biosciences program. My first six weeks of medical school, I felt pretty confident. Instead of getting slammed by the weight and volume of medical school, I had already seen the basic concepts in the biosciences program and could get into the nuance of the more complicated material.”

Robert Steele, Masters of Biomedical Sciences 2017 graduate and KCU-Joplin MSI

Where Are They Now?

Below are the states in which KCU's 2017 Biomedical Sciences graduates are attending medical schools.

KCU Biomedical Sciences Graduates Who Went On to Medical School