• Frequently Asked Questions for Symposium

    Q: Who can submit an abstract?
    A: Students at KCU can submit an abstract. Faculty can submit abstracts for the Betty Jo White competition.

    Q: What are the faculty competition details?
    A: Title: Competition for Betty Jo White, DO, FACOS, Prize for Research An open competition for prize based on paper publication between September 2013–2014. Accepted for publication by September 30, 2014 (verification of acceptance required). The top three papers will be presented and judged at Research Symposium; 20 min. presentations. Faculty will be judged based on the criteria communicated in the gift by Betty Jo White for “research that impacts osteopathic medicine”. The winner will be presented with an award in her name and a cash prize.

    Q: What if my research was not completed at KCU?
    A: You can submit an abstract and present, but you will not be eligible to compete for awards.

    Q: Who can compete for the awards?
    A: Any student that has completed their research at KCU can compete for awards. Faculty who have completed their research at KCU can compete for the Betty Jo White, DO, FACOS, Prize for Research.

    Q: How will I be notified my abstract was accepted?
    A: You will be notified by email if your abstract has been accepted by Oct. 17.

    Q: What are the student eligibility requirements for the competition aspect of the Symposium?
    A: Research must have been completed while enrolled at KCU to qualify for award/competition.

    Q: If I don’t have a poster printed for my presentation how will KCU help me?
    A: KCU can provide funding for poster printing for students and faculty accepted to present. The poster must be submitted through the KCU portal using the KCU format. Proof your poster carefully before submitting. Your poster is a reflection of all your hard work and findings and a chance for you to put information and results in visual format - take your time! Students, work with your mentor to ensure a quality poster is presented.

    Q: Where do I submit my poster request?
    A: Click here to submit poster request. Must be submitted as a PDF.

    Q: Where can I find the poster template?
    A: Click here for poster template. Important: The KCU poster template is portrait orientation and 3.5' wide by 4' tall. Typical posters are landscape orientation and 3' wide by 5' tall. Please follow the instructions listed within the template on how to adjust your presentation. (The presentation boards are 4' wide by 8' tall.)

    Q: What is the printing/proofing process of my poster?
    A: Once your poster request is submitted and received, the Research division will work with an outside printer/laminating service. Once the service has an electronic proof ready, you will be emailed and asked to respond as soon as possible to confirm proof or make changes. Please note any posters requiring re-print because of proofing/formatting issues will not be funding by KCUMB; please proof your poster carefully before submitting and review the electronic proof carefully.

    Q: How/where is my poster delivered once it’s printed?
    A: The poster is delivered in a plastic bag (not a hard tube) to the Research Department and you will need to pick it up when notified by email. If you need your poster delivered to another location (out of state, etc.) please provide this information before submission for printing.

    Q: How will I present my information to judges, as a group or individually...?
    A: You will stand by your poster and judges will walk around to each one. You will be given five minutes for your presentation with the judges. Students and faculty will be viewing posters and asking questions as well. Be prepared! This is your chance to get others as excited as you are about your research.

    Q: How do I know what number my poster is so I know when I will be presenting?
    A: Your poster number is the same as your abstract number. Odd numbered posters will be judged during designated one-hour duration and even numbered posters during different one-hour duration.

    Q: When can I set up my poster for judging?
    A: The day before there will be an hour set aside in the afternoon for setup and 30 minutes before the event begins the day of. Push pins and presentation boards will be provided.

    Q: When are awards given?
    A: During the mandatory dinner event from 4 to 6:15 p.m. the evening of the Symposium. You (and your mentor, team member, etc.) must register for this event. Informational emails will be sent out and a registration link will be provided.

    Q: What else can I expect during the Symposium other than my poster being judged?
    A: A light breakfast, invited keynote speaker lecturing on Symposium topic, special welcome from KCU president, Question and Answer session with keynote speaker, lunch, a chance to interact and present to faculty and other students. Later that night, an awards dinner, second keynote speaker, award announcement and award presentation to winners.

    Q: What if I have additional questions or need assistance?
    A: Contact the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs at 816-654-7603 or dbuchanan@kcumb.edu.

    Check your email daily for important announcements and additional communication about the Symposium, posters, etc.