2017 Research Symposium

Keynote: Dr. Tom Curran

“Translating Science into Medicine: Lessons from Targeting the Hedgehog Pathway in Cancer”

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Carl Gelhaus

"Developing an Animal Model of Congenital Zika Syndrome"

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Student & Faculty Presenters

"Why We Ethically Disapprove of FGM: An Analysis of Varying Genital Cutting Practices and What They Illustrate" - Amanda Waller, BA

"A Cadaveric Study of the Levator Palpebrae Aponeurosis" - Viren Rana, Anatomy Fellow

“19F NMR Quantification of Isoflurane Binding to the Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel NaChBac.” - Monica Kinde, PhD

"Potential Therapy for DMD: Cardiomyopathy in DMD Model Mice" - Joshua Beckler, COM 2020

"Anatomy of the Thoracic Spine to Elucidate the Validity of the Thoracic Rule of Threes and Define the Anatomical Relationship between the Spinous Processes and Transverse Processes in the Thoracic Spine" - Clayton Oakley, Anatomy Fellow

"Morphological and Biomechanical Variations in the Anterior Talofibular Ligament" - Amy Whitaker, Anatomy Fellow

“Dopaminergic Neurons in the Substantia Nigra in Parkinson’s Disease – Built to Fail?” - Paul Ramlow, MS

"Location of the Internal Mammary Vessels for Microvascular Autologous Breast Reconstruction" - C. Dami Lee, Anatomy Fellow, MS-III